Multichannel Management

Effective digital solutions for omnichannel sales, marketing and operations.

Supporting e-commerce businesses

According to the latest report from venture builder firm Momentum Works, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) e-commerce GMV reached US$99.5 billion in 2022—up a whopping 1.8x from 2020. While e-commerce itself has started to mature, newer markets like live selling and mobile commerce have emerged from it. Due to the newness of these modes of commerce, there is a lack of tools and software to support e-commerce businesses that are trying to adopt them. That’s where we come in.

Logistics Solutions

Looking for delivery solutions to support your online sales? Check out our various supply chain and logistics solutions specially for e-commerce businesses.
Last mile delivery

Get speedy and hassle-free domestic delivery to your customer’s doorsteps.

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International delivery

Shipping overseas? We’ll handle customs clearance and deliver your parcel smoothly.

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Sourcing & procurement

Engage our team of procurement specialists to get the best suppliers from China and SEA.

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